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  1. mcklovin

    x10 allows MP3 Search Engines?

    I was browsing some sites and found a mp3 search script on x10.. I figured that was pretty weird for a free host...
  2. mcklovin

    Forums with "Mod-Nazi's"

    What do you think of forums that overly moderate. I've joined a relatively small forum (2-3k users) in the past week and it has about five mods who are relentless. I've received 3 infractions in a single week, one of them for offering free service to their users, I didn't even plug my site...
  3. mcklovin

    Opinions on an idea for a Website Needed

    Me and a friend were considering starting up a website that would offer free web design/coding services. The plan is to do about 1-4 design/coding jobs every three weeks, and eventually build a list so we would always have work. So basically people would get free site layouts, granted it may be...
  4. mcklovin

    x10 Blog

    Almost all of my past hosts had a blog that was run by the host owners/managers. I figured it would be nice for x10 to have one.... I'd find it interesting.
  5. mcklovin

    What do you think of a .info domain/whole name?

    For the past 6-8 months I've been using a .info for my personal blog. What do you think of a .info for a personal blog? I ask since most people view it negatively since .info sites are usually spam. I know that I'm taking a SEO hit by using it.. but I really like the name I got. While we're...
  6. mcklovin

    Three Domains - Starting @ $6.00

    All domains are listed in Google. Only accepting payment via Paypal. Check out the screenshot, all non-blurred domains are for sale. Expiration dates are available in the screenshot. Six dollars or best offer. Edit: Quick note... For $25.00 you can have the entire ArcadeBag site w/ the...
  7. mcklovin

    Want a Google Wave invite?

    I have a few post or PM me your email address. Please only request one if you are going to use it.
  8. mcklovin

    Blog Redesigned

    So I finally got around to finishing my blogs template and I wanted some feedback. Its not 100% I still have to style the comments and a few smaller things around the site. It's still a bit buggy since this time I didn't create a pure HTML layout before the wordpress layout. For the most part...
  9. mcklovin

    Chat Scripts

    So I wanted to use this script: Yes I know that we aren't allowed to use chat scripts... I'm guessing thats because of all the mysql queries that must be processed? SO..... I have the ability to host my mysl database in a place that is not x10. So the question is...
  10. mcklovin

    3rd Party Chat Client

    Anyone know of a good 3rd party chat client? Something like chatango but less horrid. lol (It looks crappy, and I've found that a lot of people have that script blocked.) I've been considering using irc but all the scripts to embed irc in a page are bulky and visually unattractive...
  11. mcklovin

    New to Website Design

    I usually stick to coding but lately I've been dabbling around in design. This is what I have come up w/ so far. (Yes I know they are overly watermarked but I was to lazy to redo it) The files are quite hugeee so links only. =] 1. The Blog Design - Hmm... I...
  12. mcklovin

    x10's logo....

    Does anyone have a .psd? I'm designing my arcade and would love a little powered by x10 logo @ the bottom. I copied the logo from the forums but its a bit sloppy....
  13. mcklovin

    Chopin MySQL - Hostname?

    I've been using localhost, last time I used x10 I beleive it was localhost, has it changed? I can't connect to install some software but I read that there were a lot of changes lately on Chopin's mySQL and figured it might be due to this...
  14. mcklovin

    Signup Proccess - Going on 3 Days =/

    So I signed up Sunday afternoon everything seemed fine. When I went to bed my status was still unknown. I checked it Monday, it was still unknown. I checked it today, I received and error, so I signed up again. I logged in an hour later to see if any progress had been made, I got this...
  15. mcklovin

    How about a Forum Shoutbox?

    It might keep hanging around the forums a little longer... You can always pass restrictions on it to prevent spam, ex. 75 posts needed to access shoutbox... This may have been suggested before, I wouldn't know. I know about the IRC, but isn't exactly the same. lol
  16. mcklovin

    [Offer] Free logos/branding [EXIPRED]

    I'm trying to build up my portfolio so if you need a logo made I'll do it free (PSD included). If you need some work done simply post a thread; be sure to include the following info: Company/Site Name Company/Site Slogan Company/Site Colors Also include any specific clipart you would like...
  17. mcklovin

    Returning to x10 - Few Questions

    I started out @ x10 a long while back but I soon switched hosts. Either way, my previous hosting deal is ending this month and I'm thinking of coming back to x10, but I have a few questions. I won't be able to update to paid hosting for about 2 months, give or take what kind of up-time can I...
  18. mcklovin

    Flash Gaming Sites Allowed

    It would be nice if I had some admin/mod confirmation on this.... Also, if I host a chat script offline can I embed it?
  19. mcklovin

    Search Script

    Anyone know of a search script where I can manually add links to it yet have the meta dumped from the site? Sorry if that ain't clear.. lol
  20. mcklovin

    Anyone use Bidvertiser?

    I picked up 60 cents in a few days, I guess that's pretty good since my site isn't very old/populated yet. I guess it largely is due to my sites category though. Anyone have past experience with them? If so how's your cash situation? xD