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  1. chatngox

    Server error

    So I went to check my site today as I finally got some time. So I went and updated some of the plugins. After that when on wordpress admin and I get Server error . I think something in my htaccess Never mind. I followed this page and found one of my plugins are causing it.
  2. chatngox

    404 Error When Activating A WordPress Plugin

    I've installed a plugin called Max Mega Menu. When I activate the plugin in menu settings (cuz there is no settings to enable through their settings page), I get a 404 error like this. nav-menus.php seems to cause the problem and I think is due to mod_security? please help because I really...
  3. chatngox

    Restore Database?

    So anyways. I went to cPanel today and I saw 3 updates from softaculous and went there. Apparently I have 3 domains which is What happed was that /wp was moved to the main URL ages ago so I decided to remove it. softaculous said that I will not able...
  4. chatngox

    Twitter/JS Bug In Wordpress?

    I have a wordpress blog, when ever I copy the HTML code from Twitter to share the post, I keep getting 403 not found once the article is posted. it works find if I inject the code through phpMyAdmin, but is just my temporary solution for now Is this a bug or something?
  5. chatngox

    Heart bleed?

    Hi x10 team, have you herd about heart bleed and are your system effected by this? Thanks
  6. chatngox

    Come and Write News

    If you love to share your tech stories and get people to read all about it, we have a place just to do that. We have 4 category you can go, depends on what you interested doing. Tech Daily This is where you share your news about the latest tech that just came out. You can put max 10 tech in...
  7. chatngox

    Please review my news site!

    Hi all, Could someone review my site and tell me what you think! This is a website for gaming and pc related news and has been around for 4 years! I have recently totally revamped the site and would like some sort of review. Thanks,
  8. chatngox

    Hi all

    Hi all of you x10 members. I'm new to here, hope to stay. I'm from Australia and I've been studying computer & engineering. In my spare time, I love to code website (can't say I'm real good but I know my html & css stuff). I've designed website for few people in the past and I'm hoping to have...