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  1. amisopno91

    When my Database will be restored?

    hi, I have posted ticket/thread before some people did whose database already restored. But when my one will be? Sorry to repost another one but it is necessary to get my site up and running. I am an active prime free hosting subscriber. I should have my site restored earlier. As I am at least...
  2. amisopno91

    MySQL Database not working after the migration

    Hello, MySQL databases are empty in my control panel after the up gradation. I am a prime free hosting user. How to fix it? Thanks in advance
  3. amisopno91

    question regarding upgradation of account

    Dear Support Stuff, Thank you so much for helping us to grow our site using this awesome free service. I want to upgrade my account to Prime account. Later I have plan to go for illuminated then probably premium. My question is if I upgrade to prime , is my resource also going to be doubled...
  4. amisopno91

    LatestCrunchs is a technology blog with a ‘personality’ aimed at delivering da latest

    Dear friends, This is a new website that we are working on . Please review it. It's all about latest Technology trends and giveaway and also packed with huge downloadable items. I hope you will be liking it. Please visit and let us know how you found our site.
  5. amisopno91

    How you started your Freelancing Career? What help do you need to start Freelancing ?

    Hello buddies, I want us to share our knowledge in this area. Please share yours and I will be sharing my in the following replies.
  6. amisopno91

    Adsense urgent help needed

    Dear friend I am in a tricky situation. I have used one of my friends credential to open an adsense account though I can also open account by myself. i.e I am not banned. I used my friend as he can take direct bank deposit. Now what happened is, he is not paying me my adsense money for 3...
  7. amisopno91

    WordPress Plugin suggestion needed?

    Hello friends. I want your help very badly. I need a galler plugins using which I can show my images of a post in a gallery. But the feauture I am looking for is, I need a gallery plugin which will change ad block with the images everytime. I want something similar like any of these...
  8. amisopno91

    Teronga Monthy Prize Give-Aways!! – Win Latest Mobile Handsets & Tech Gadgets

    We are excited to announce a monthly “PRIZE GIVEAWAY” which includes either a cool Smart Phone or Tech Gadget. All you have to do is visit our website (Please read our Rules & Conditions for Eligibility for Winning) As we just mentioned, Prizes include either a cool Smart...
  9. amisopno91

    Please review BD Pathshala website (Bangla Website)

    Please review this website and its design . This is a website focusing to provide tutorial in Bangla language primarily . We will also introduce other languages soon.
  10. amisopno91

    How many of us are here from Bangladesh?

    Hello Forumist, How many of us here from Bangladesh. Please comment and make an statistics of us. Even Non resident Bangladeshi should post too. It will be highly appreciated if you give the website link which you are maintaining by yourself.
  11. amisopno91

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Dear friends, Hope everyone having wonderful time. In this post I want us to share about which web browser we use most, like most or any new browser which found interesting. Please share your browsing experience with us. My favorite is : Firefox and Opera I have also used/using : Internet...
  12. amisopno91

    Teronga - We work for you! Just roam here and enrich yourself

    Please Review this site. . This is a website by me. Terona is a blog covering exciting and cool articles, tutorials and news about the Web world, technologies, gadgets, websites and social networks. The latest web technology news and trending delivered via RSS daily...
  13. amisopno91

    Resource limit exceed problem

    Hello, I am wondering that my site having resource limit exceed problem for some days. But In control panel I can see that my site is not heavily viewed by visitors. My site is on Chopin server.. Any advise for me? Thanks in advance
  14. amisopno91

    Website not working

    Hello, My Hosting is not suspended and I am regularly visiting the forum as perm Term and Condition. I saw that the servers are updated. When I visit my hosting its not working with my addon domains. Do I have to change the name server again or I have to do something else. Thanks in Advance
  15. amisopno91

    [0 credits] Offering free website design ( HTML or any CMS of your choice)

    Hello Forumist, I am going to start my IT service website very soon. For now on I am relying on the free hosting option of this superb web hosting services that all of us love here so much. I comparatively a new user here but I am designing web portal for a long time. I had paid hosting but...
  16. amisopno91

    Adding Add on domain and suspension related information

    Hello I want to add addon domains. I heard that you are very restricted about dealing with clients. I am going to start a blog site with you. After sometime I will upgrade to paid hosting of you. How I can keep myself away from suspension? and do you have any issue if I add my own domain...