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  1. apoorav

    Any one bought Restaurent Empire 2?

    Does any body Grabbed or buy Restaurent Empire 2 ?
  2. apoorav

    Make a christmas wish

    What Christmas wish do you want if are given freedom to ask for any?
  3. apoorav

    Detecting Crawlers?

    Can any body give me PHP code to detect web crawlers(BOTS) crawling the webpage For Example, it should show that GOOGLE bot was last visitor and similarly should show total list.
  4. apoorav

    Any one tried Restaurent Empire II?

    Did Any one tried Restaurent Empire II?
  5. apoorav

    Unsuitable Infractions?

    Many X10 Moderators misuse their power and send unneccesary infractions , one shoukd have enough morale and manners to give warnings to user before sending Infractions, Administrator should see about this bcoz it hurts the users and it can decrease the popularity of the forums:mad:
  6. apoorav

    Count number of users online?

    How to count number of online users? plz give me the code to display number of online users and total users. THANKS in advance!!:biggrin:
  7. apoorav

    Where to get Logos?

    Where do i get good logo designs?
  8. apoorav

    Indo-American Alliance!

    What do you think about Indian American Alliance on Anti-Terrorism? Will India and America be succed on Maintaining World Peace!
  9. apoorav

    Review My site's New Design

    Poll My site after new design suggested by users. Design Improved after high users demand. Give More Improvement Suggestions.
  10. apoorav

    Review My Site

    Hello all, Please Review my site and post your valuable suggestions on it.