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  1. curt15

    NewLeaf Publishing

    Heres a mock site I'm creating to get PHP experience. When done, the whole site will be for sale. Comments and Criticisms are welcome!
  2. curt15

    Coded Index Website Layouts Any site other that my Current website, the Sporenet one and the watery one are available to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 license. Contact me if you want use them. You can have the source code to the website...
  3. curt15

    Updated Portfolio Site

    Here's my new portfolio site, it isn't finished quite yet. Any constructive comments are welcomed.
  4. curt15

    Any Suggestions? Need any nitpicks, its still a WIP. Made it using Notepad ++ and the CMS is Wordpress, forums punBB.
  5. curt15


    Yesterday I re-signed up for my website, it said i had a 6 min. waiting period I haven't got a site yet. Also, I can login to the CPanel of my old account, I have no memory but no FTP. I re-signed up using the same account details as the old one, and for the same URL
  6. curt15

    PHP Email

    Ive read the other topic about the spam, however i need if for my cms and im using so, no spam should come to the servers.
  7. curt15

    Wont let me login

    Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue. I get that, so im posting any help? Edit: Dont worry, working now. :D