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  1. kyuusei as main domain, would like to remove it for standard x10hosting subdomain

    As the titles says, I have a as main domain, would like to remove it for standard x10hosting subdomain.
  2. kyuusei

    Positioning/Aligning Banner with Background Image

    No, I tried it with it inside the div. It moves it left a pixel alright, and that fixes it when a browser renders it off to the right. But when opened in a browser that renders it properly, its now off to the left. So in Firefox 3.5 and IE8 it goes like this: |Banner| | BG | | BG...
  3. kyuusei

    Positioning/Aligning Banner with Background Image

    What you posted didn't exactly work because it just shifts it over to the left, which fixes it in IE8, but breaks it in Firefox 3.5 But switching the banner over to position: relative; and moving it up a few pix did it at least as far as I can tell. Does it look right on your end? Sing out...
  4. kyuusei

    Positioning/Aligning Banner with Background Image

    Everything looks fine in Firefox, but the problem shows up when using IE to render the page. I haven't gotten anyone to test it with Google Chrome or Opera.
  5. kyuusei

    Positioning/Aligning Banner with Background Image

    Hey guys I need some help with my website: Now depending on what browser you use, the banner may or may not line up with the background image like in the screenshot below: I've tried to use various iterations of CSS tweaks but this still happens...
  6. kyuusei

    Mac or PC

    lol. Macs crash too. Believing otherwise just makes you look stupid. Macs are just so dumbed down that the average retard can't break it as easy as they can when confronted with options and menus in Windows. I can do everything you can do on a Mac. In fact, I can do it in many different ways...
  7. kyuusei

    Do you believe in God?

    Energy is constant, when energy "dissipates" it merely changes state or location. eg, when a piece of wood is being burned, the energy stored within it gets converted to heat, which is transferred to the surrounding area. When the fire dies, the energy in the wood has fully dissipated and its...
  8. kyuusei

    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    Using only WYSIWYG editors really create bad habits and bad code, if you rely on editing via the rendered page and using the various drop down boxes and options. That said, I use DreamWeaver mostly in code mode, relegating the rendering part to mere QC and checking edits.
  9. kyuusei

    How old your current computer?

    Couple of generations old at least. AMD Athlon X2 @ 2.2 Ghz DFI Lanparty NF590 SLI-M2R/G (AM-2) 2x2gb OCZ DDR2 1066 nVidia GeForce 7800GT 1x WD RE2 400gb 3x WD RE2 500gb
  10. kyuusei

    How much RAM do you have?

    2x2GB for 4GB is the minimum for me in all the computers I build, for myself or other people. Its the easiest amount of RAM to use to reach the cap for 32 bit OSes, while expandable to 8GB when used in 64bit environments. Thats barring my laptop, which is capped by hardware specs to 3.5GB
  11. kyuusei

    What's the meaning of life?

    The meaning of life for me is rather simple: it is what you make of it. You believe its to serve God and what not, sure. You believe its to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide and nothing more, that also works. For the most part, everyone would have their own definition as to the meaning of life...
  12. kyuusei

    How old your current computer?

    Erm....AM2 motherboard, Athlon X2, GeForce 7800...thats what 3 generations old? So about 3-4 years old roughly.
  13. kyuusei

    What do you do on the computer?

    I do everything you that you can do on a computer....on my computer... :) Gaming, Graphics, photo editing, video editing, music, the lot really.
  14. kyuusei


    Even in this day and age with widespread use of the internet and what not, a reliable and free hosting service are far and few on the 'net. x10Hosting however is superb, with great hosting options, outstanding reliability and uptime, a wonderful community, and AMAZING free technical support...
  15. kyuusei

    Keeping .x10hosting domain?

    Since the server move deleted any addon or parked domains I tried adding "", but I got the error again. " Error from park wrapper: Sorry, subdomains of the hostname cannot be parked.
  16. kyuusei

    Restored Account (Apache Problem)with wrong account type

    My account was restored after having the Apache problem. Now, it shows up as adfree with 300mb of disk space and 10gb of bandwidth. I had paid for the 2x double bandwidth and disk space promotion, and previously had 1.2gb disk space and 40gb bandwidth. My cPanel is also ridden full of errors...
  17. kyuusei

    Apache page too. I get the error below trying to log into my account on An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please...
  18. kyuusei

    Apache page too.

    Same as the others, Apache page, no Cpanel. cPanel: Kyuusei Domain: Parked Domain: Email:
  19. kyuusei

    Aviation Photography - How does my site stack up?

    ...Yes, all the photos are mine. I aligned those "header" texts to the right so that it'll help define the right side edge of the page. As for the width of the page, I'm pretty sure I set it to match the exact width of the banner/header, which is 1000 pixels across. I might of messed up my...