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    Please Reset My Password

    Can Someone please Reset my password for my Cpanel CP Login - User Name - robert I have the password in the CP Panel and still can't login i have tried changing the password in the Account Page but nothing happens and still can't login. Thanks
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    Login Into Account

    When try to login to my account it asks to use Adfree it says you must link your acount and i try that i get a message saying your hosting account does not exist. I am using Robert as account name and i am putting it in lower case d nothing happens
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    Forgotten Password

    I have forgotten my password and can't login to the cp and was told by a member of staff and told me to go to the Account page to reset the password i did that and i still can't get logged in all it says login failed.
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    Password Problem in Cpanel

    I changed my password for the cpanel and i forgot it so i used my username to reset the password and it says your reset password will be sent to your Email Address but i haven't recieved any Emails containing the new password.
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    Trouble Installing a phpbb forum

    I am having trouble install a phpbb forum. Under your Sub Domian it asked under the box where it asked you would like to Install it to I have no indea what to put in that box.
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    This is a great place after hunting for Free Hosting. I set my mind on this one. I just like to thank the X10Hosting Team for this amazing place and hosting packages. So Once again Thank you.
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    Creating a PhPbb Forum

    How do I go about Installing on My Account on here as i am new