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    Resolved Apache is functioning normally

    Yes. Very much resolved. Ty.
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    Resolved Apache is functioning normally

    Thank you VERY much.
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    Resolved Apache is functioning normally

    I get the same issue as well as Apache is functioning normally when trying to access my site. Clearing cache cookies does not seem to resolve. Not sure if mine was deleted as well. Usually get an email warning. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.
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    Old Cpanel

    Feel free to close. Answered my own question, thanks.
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    Are the servers down at the moment, my site will not load and I cannot access my account page?
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    Very Important

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    Armadillo CMS

    My site is built with RapidWeaver and works fine, but Armadillo does not??? Any ideas.
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    Armadillo CMS

    I have a CMS called Armadillo from that requires Apache to work, is Apache installed for free accounts and if not Is there a way I can get it, thanks.