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    x10hosting Pumpkin Decorating Competition!

    I only found out about this competition on the 3rd november :(
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for living in my socks
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    My website:

    My website:
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    Guess Who Posts Next

    Nah... I guess someone that is on an HP computer :)
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    Community Helpers vs Normal Members

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    Please review my site.

    Hi, On the 'Contact Us' page on the 'E-MAIL' section, you cannot insert an '@' symbol! That could be a problem for your visitors! I, personally, am not so keen on the color contrast, although as long as you and your girlfriend like it, then I suppose it will be fine! Thanks.
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    Review Bazite

    Review Bazite's new design Hi, Bazite now has a new design, and can everyone review it? What do you think of it? It now works on all screen sizes, as it is using C.S.S. Thanks!
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    Please review my changed website and help me

    Hi, You're in trouble with Where have you put the linked image? You have to put it on within a month. Anyway, just make a logo and make the website look more professional... Then it'll look great, once the links are done!
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    Review Bazite

    I know, it's because Bazite has only just been put on the web a few days ago, and I'm mainly looking for comments on the design at the moment. Thanks!
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    Review Bazite

    Hi, Can everyone review and rate my site? I need some tips on how to improve it. What do you think? I am changing the design soon and I need suggestions. Tell me what you think of the logo! Thanks, the website address is: