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    Change to Inactivity Policy

    Great news, and I like the new portal design it looked nice!
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    Will any of you upgrade to Windows 8 when it's out next year?

    Windows 8 will probably be out before Christmas next year, so I want to know if any of you guys will be planning to upgrade. For me, yes I may upgrade, but if I can get a hand on the RTM build early, I will test it in a virtual machine or do a dual-boot to test things, then after around a month...
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    Do you make backups?

    I agree. I had experienced hard drive failure in the fast where a black-out occurs, and it broke the hard drive, causing me to lose many stuffs. But now I have UPS I don't have to worry. But the most important thing that I have to make backup is my Firefox profile. It's very easy to backup...
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    Difference between personal use and commercial use?

    From my point of view, personal use is something that only you, your family membors, or your friends is using. Commercial is something that you used like in school, or in a business to make money. I think the use in small businesses/schools counts as personal use too.
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    Do you make backups?

    I did not make backups often. Since I migrated to Windows 7 back in 2010, I don't have to regularly make backups since Windows 7 is very stable, even more stable than Windows XP. The last time I have to make backups was back in June, where due to performance issues, I have to reinstall Windows...
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    Windows 8 Dev Preview build

    It's pretty nice, I've tried it in VMware Workstation 8. It's pretty slow though, but I guest that's because it's in a virtual machine. Can't wait for the beta!
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    By June 2012, what version do you think Firefox will be at?

    Hint: Firefox 7 is schedule for release by September. Firefox 8 is schedule for release before Christmas. Mozilla had started a new release cycle with new versions coming out between 1 or 2 months. Assuming that new versions will be out every 2 months after version 8 in November, what version do...
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    Windows or Linux?

    I prefer Windows. Many programs run on it. Also many things like installing/uninstalling a program is possible in the graphical user interface with a few clicks. With Linux, you have to unpack the file and do some commandline stuffs to get the program working. The most iCandy, beautiful and...
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    How many desktop wallpapers do you have? (Excluding wallpapers that come with Windows

    I would like to know how many wallpapers do you guys have? Not including wallpapers that come with Windows. I have about 43 wallpapers downloaded from the web, and another 15 wallpapers extracted from a Windows 95 virtual machine.
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    Internet Browser

    Oh cool... I think he likes IE because it's came with Windows, most users used IE because it came with Windows. Firefox's market share will only boom when OEMs started including Firefox on new computers, and replace the IE icon on the taskbar with Firefox icon.
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    What game do you think is the easiest to play?

    So a while back I posted a thread here about the hardest game, now it's time for the easiest game. Which game do you think is the easiest to play? For me it's Pokemon, all generations. I can finish the whole game within a matter of days or weeks.
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    Internet Browser

    I use Firefox. It's the best one, and is the only one that is secure, customizable, and is usable for blind people who depend on screen readers like me since both Jaws and NVDA supports Firefox. I also like the new interface introduced in Firefox 4. But one thing I don't like about Firefox is...
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    What do you think of Mozilla's new rapid release cycle for Firefox?

    For me it's OK. If Google can release new versions of Chrome fast, then Mozilla can do it too with Firefox.
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    Question about forum account

    Thanks very much! Glad to hear that I could still keep my forum account after my hosting account deletion!
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    Which games do you think is the most difficult to play?

    For me it's Super Mario 64, both the Nintendo 64 and DS version. I had just made 11 stars on my DS versions!
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    Question about forum account

    Hi, I have a free account here, I haven't use it for ages, but I still keep it active because I fear if I delete my account I would loos my forum account. Question is, if I decided to delete my account would I loos my forum account? And so can I sign up again on this forum?
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    What program you use to organize your musics?

    For me I use iTunes.
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    When did you get into computer programming?

    For me, I haven't started computer programming yet, but will soon as one of my year 10 subject involves computer programming.
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    Should I get Windows 8?

    Nice discussion guys, I really appreciate your opinions. From looking briefly at your opinions, I would say that I would try Windows 8 in a virtual machine for around 30 days, then I would install it on my new PC.
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    Should I get Windows 8?

    Guys, what I ment is the RTM version, not the beta or RC. A while ago I had just look at a screenshot of the demo. It's pretty cool, but it may be a bit difficult to use as I'm use to the start menu. If I'm going to get it, I may try it out in VMware, and after a while I may install it real on...