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  1. J

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Magicka, it was 75% off on Steam.
  2. J

    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get a huge fine and a trip to jail. I insert a vending machine.
  3. J

    What program you use to organize your musics?

    I don't use anything but Folders in Folders.
  4. J

    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get half a mountain. I insert three chopsticks (not paired)
  5. J

    Are You Going To Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I wouldn't buy it, simply because there are cheaper and better games on a computer.
  6. J

    The Ctrl+V game
  7. J

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    minecraft Epic pixel game.
  8. J

    Post your specs

    22" inch Widescreen LED monitor AMD Athlon 64 X2 DUal Core Processor 5600+ 2GB RAM 2.81GHz 32Bit Windows XP
  9. J

    Parked Domains

    So.... Either how do I synchronize or do I have to wait till the next synchronization to remove my parked domain.
  10. J

    Parked Domains

    It's already been removed on cPanel, however on my Account Management it still shows it.
  11. J

    Parked Domains

    How do you remove them?
  12. J

    What is the best RPG game?

    MapleStory. It's one of the only RPG games I've played on the PC, so eh.
  13. J

    Has anybody tried a Wii Emulator?

    Because a Wii emulator is against the law, I'm not going to post it here. However, a quick search of Google will help you find it. It has to do with an animal.
  14. J

    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    I don't see MapleStory anywhere in this. It's like one of the most popular games too...
  15. J

    How much RAM do you have?

    Since my computer is about 4 years old, the highest amount of RAM back then was 2GB
  16. J

    Apple iPad

    Look at the button compared to the whole thing. A touch computer with $500 equiped with e-reading. It's just like a netbook, without the keyboard, more expensive and touching.
  17. J

    What is your favourite game of all time?

    The classic Age of Empires II.
  18. J

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Only problem with Windows 7 is the slow downloading speed.
  19. J

    What's your favourite Operating System?

    Windows XP. Although it doesn't have that much protection against viruses, it has much less problems then Windows Vista and has more Internet speed than Windows 7.
  20. J

    what's the best FTP client?

    Firezilla's pretty good for FTPing