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    unsuspend account plz

    bleh, whatever, abusers and made up rules, x10 sucks, and a bad review on the way, mudducks
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    unsuspend account plz

    hi all, can i get my account unsuspended to get a backup of my site?
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    xqto file manager help

    Hi all, i need some help with this file manager script called the file manager i have it installed on my site here if i try to upload anything like 15-20 megabytes or larger, i get a time out message is there any way to fix this?
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    domain redirects to x10 homepage still :o

    nvm, this host sux
  5. T website down

    probably, my site is still down too and im a lotus
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    14 hours WTF?

    lol, wow, for a paid host, thats even worse :o
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    14 hours WTF?

    a little downtime is 4 hours at the most, not a whole day, lol you like having a dead site for 24 hours at a time leaf?
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    14 hours WTF?

    bah, he's right, i've had way better hosts then x10 :o the lotus server has been "choking on its boobz" almost everyday for the whole day! we all have lives here, but that doesnt mean go rip off your clients, lol
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    Forum Skin Vote

    out of all the picks, Vue is the best choice
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    grade f for ban threat to those in need of support

    grade f for ban threat to those in need of support
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    cpanel error?

    anyone else on lotus getting this message? it started yesterday Not Found The server was not able to find the document (./frontend/x3/index.php) you requested. Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this error to your web hosting provider. cpaneld/11.24 Server at...
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    No access

    LOL, you got the lotus server im geussing dkocian