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    How do you change Background Color size around text?

    use CSS for your site here's a link for tutorial :) CSS SAMPLE CSS Tutorial
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    Need help with starting off my website

    try to start basic html css php try to use codeigniter :) this will help you to develop easy website
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    Anyone playing OpenArena?

    openarena same with quake3? i played that game on my linux mint... how to connect on your server when using linux mint 9? thanks
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    Games with a good storyline

    Dota too many story each character have their own story :) :)
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    Games with a good storyline

    Tekken games character story :) all of the character have their own story :) very nice.... Everything you can imagine is real ^_^
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    Games with a good storyline

    Another game with good storyline Resident Evil :wink: Super Mario :smile: Final Fantasy 8) Jhamelna
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    Games with a good storyline

    Re: Games with a good storyline - Battlefield Bad Company 2 for me BattleField Bad Company 2 very nice story and extremely good graphics :) for those who play COD will surely love this game.. :) ALL YOU CAN IMAGINE IS REAL
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    Anonymous ftp, how to activate

    don't activate if you don't like someone delete your webfile.... or someone copy your file... just make an a account for them for some security reason.. giving access must be reasonable like updating your website or uploading files that is being needed on your website... ^_^
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    [PHP] MySQL and PHP

    hi sir bryon can you give a site which can teach me HTML and CSS from zero knowledge? which can i start from scratch...