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    Favorite Control Panel?

    Mine is vestacp. You can see a review about them here:
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    Favorite Control Panel?

    What is your favorite control panel for VPS's?
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    Does the free hosting

    I see. Apologies for that.
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    Review and help with google ranking

    Agreed. Get your own custom domain name because subdomains are subjected to spam and abuse which makes even legit sites look like spammy domains.
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    Hello Friends

    Welcome aboard. I am new as well. Hope we can learn more things from each other :)
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    disabled cPanel

    Are you using adblock? Try turning it off
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    Does the free hosting

    I do not think it has SOAP installed by default. You need to create a support ticket and ask them.
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    Two forums member accounts.. Need merging

    You might want to PM the moderators (if this is possible) or just wait for a reply. Not too sure how this works.
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    Guide for nameservers

    Anyone know how to do this on Debian?