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    Suspended ?

    hello... i just went on my site today and it said site suspended and if u could give me a reason why it would be very nice. because i did put a link to link host on my website and its just weird can u please tell me.:blushing: cPanel Username: r0gue Subdomain: How long...
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    new walleh
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    Need a PR for GFX site

    Hello every i've started a Portfolio and GFX site i've got 2 good gfx atrists but im specificly looking for good PR, also there some more free positions for now theres 1 PR (admin access) + 50 mb webspace 1 Super mod (super mod) + 10 mb webspace 2 GFX artists (super mod) + 20 mb webspace...
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    my neeeeeeeeeeew signature + anva cc
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    erm problems

    erm for some reason i cant see any x10hosting sites apart from this one does anyone know what could be the problem i use to be able b4 :pinch: tnx in advance
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    need help badly

    erm guys i need help badly cuz i registerd account here and i wanna transfer all my data from the previous host i was using to this one, and i wonder if i copy everything on my pc and then upload it to this website is all my data from my forums gonna get lost(i'm gonna copy the forums aswell)...
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    r0gUe likes :P

    i love the layout erm i think i posted this kind of spam thing in the wrong place
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    hello every, Im Ivo hows every1 :)