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    What is the oldest/crappiest computer you've ever had

    My first was the 286 without HDD just floppies, the longest PC class I've used was the classic Pentium 100. I was able to maximized its RAM to 128MB(32x4), 2x40G HDD, multi-boot to DOS, Win98, Win2000 and yes even WinXP(just to test if it will run and it did! dead slow). In one point in time I...
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    Free Hosting Update

    My Starka site loads ok for now and fast. Thank you to all the x10 team and their relentless efforts to put the server back online.
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    Calling all users on the "Starka" server

    Just today, I also get the error, is this a new server IP propagation period since I have never encountered it yet since the move or something else?
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    All help appreciated

    hi marasm, Even though I can't understand the text, I can easily and excellently navigate to items in your site. You got clear descriptive thumbnails arranged in a clean and very nice layout. I guess your on the right tract and in fact I learn more from yours:) Great site! ka22bo
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    My Website Design

    Very impressive!8-)