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    index.html will not load

    You might want to check with your .htaccess ... see if there is something
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    'www' deleted!

    I knew it didn't afftect database by deleting www. What my concern was R1Soft will restore including the database (which I'm not too sure). That's why I was asking to backup database before restoring:p however since it doesn't restore database ... I don't think there is a need to backup...
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    Some here with me ... seems to be very unstable .. minutes can minutes cannot.
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    Can't manage my files?

    I think he mentioned which server ...
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    'www' deleted!

    It cannot be worse than what's happening now ... as he accidentally delete www file. Maybe he will need to backup database as I'm not sure if R1 Soft will restore the database ... other than that cannot be worse as he has no other option except re uploading the file again.
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    different passwords etc

    I think he was referring to different username for forum and cpanel as when we created account we give cpanel username first, and at the end have to provide forum name. This sometimes can be the same providing if we provide min of 6 chars username for cpanel. Coz forum has requirement of min 6...
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    Chopin not sending Emails!!!

    Hope can fix this asap ..