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    Akismet +wordpress

    I go to enter my wordpress key in akismet on a fresh install and i am getting this error message
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    Gmail theme, which one did you choose?

    I love the terminal theme :D (if only they would swap out the check boxes for ascii and use javascript it would be perfect)
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    Post your specs

    My main computer (my laptop) 14.1" screen MoBo ASUS N80Vb Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T7250 @ 2.00GHz NVIDIA 9300M GS 2x2GB DDR2 clocked at 400MHz 250GB Hard Drive DVD+-RW DL w/Lightscribe Windows Vista Home Prem. My desktop/home server 15" CRT Mobo ASRock P4i65g P4 2.20GHz 768meg ram 1x 60gb hd...
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    Have you used any Unix OS?

    1) Fedora 10 (preview build, released in 6 days) 2) FreeBSD/Ubuntu 3) OpenBSD 4) Fedora 5) either Debian or Fedora (debian is for my home pc which doubles as a file server for backups and fedora is what i use on my laptop when i don't eed windows for school)
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    Windows Live Mail and GPG

    I have searched for a way to intergrate GPG/PGP in with Windows Live Mail and have came up blank. Yes I know they use certs now but most people are using GPG/PGP and the ring of trust way. Does anyone know a way to do this? (and have features like verifying a key, attaching your own key...
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    Which PC Brand?

    Other as in ASUS. I love my new laptop from ASUS. it is a X83V (i think it is exclusive to Best Buy) and only paid $750 plus tax. CNET Review of the laptop I got (only side note.. mine does have bluetooth, just guess i have a newer model then the one they reviewed)
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    Cossacks is down

    I am guessing it has been down for about 30mins now.
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    My personal Site

    I am currently working on a theme called day light the "beta" scheme can be found in the theme drop down box I am doing some more adjustments to the colors then i have to do the images
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    Lhc - Cern

    <conspiracy> ~Dec 12, 2012 the LHC will have been expanded and dubbed the Super Large Hadron Collider, Also in December 2012 we have the BUT the Galactic Alignment in which we are lined up with the Galactic equator so in Dec 2012 if they fire up the SLHC time and space will collapse...
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    Web Mail Client

    Umm RoundCube and Horde IIRC both use IMAP. (and yes, i have used a mac. I find them very unusable but that is for another topic :) )
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    O.K., *crosses figures that it gets readded* :) and thanks Corey and tnl2k7 for explaining.
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    My personal Site

    @matt1213: ok, try it again..
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    Paris and Britney sing together?

    ;_; LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!! ohh sorry.. on the real issue here.. how come we have not had a harvest yet? (south park reference :) see who gets it) srsly.. who in their right mind would buy that?
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    Web Mail Client

    ok, maybe i should clarify.. best webmail client that can be added to CPanel.
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    :/ yep it was removed on cossacks
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    Get Free .TK domain with DNS Support.

    Doesn't .tk add like a banner ad to the top of your site?
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    Web Mail Client

    1) macs suck :P</flame> 2) I said webmail client :)
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    Does the email servers have spamassassian installed on them? If not, granted I know this is a free service but worth asking, could it be installed?
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    Web Mail Client

    I know :/ I love email clients that support PGP, and horde has a calendar and RSS feed reader and a todo list
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    Web Mail Client

    What is your web mail client of choice out of these 3? I like roundcube as it is the sexist. Tho I am using horde right now due to the PGP support..