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    Looking for Help

    Okay thats what i was thinking my problem is i SMF and i found a few themes i like but i cant ever get them to insatll right.. i have been to there forums and followed what they said step by step inch by inch and still dont work for
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    New Logo Idea's

    I use photoshop i am just not good with
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    i just noticed i have a girl your age..

    i just noticed i have a girl your age..
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    Fairwell Saint of Democracy

    aww okay Well Fairwell then.. RIP bless your soul.. etc etc...
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    welcome to x10hosting.. and good luck on your page..
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    Why Do Teacher's Get sTRESSED OUT

    Ok how did you get my school work.??? (everyone knows how I spell)
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    Not Sure Where to put this

    Looking for a person who has admin exp on forums to help out a new forum. like settings etc etc.
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    your Feedback

    What would you suggest justin on a color.
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    Questions about Tiny VPS

    haha.. good jk....i agree thats what my problem was with linux was i didnt have th gui and i spent 18 weeks under a gui and 3 weeks with out it in linkux. damn Microsoft.. i wish i had learned linux before MS but thats me..
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    (HP Vectra VLi) PS/2 ports not working

    Motherboards or mainboard are very touchy i had one where a customer plugged a keyboard into a ps/2 port and then reboot and it poped the port. so i would look at getting a new MB
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    Review :)

    i think it looks good.. but it was hard to see the lettering in the yellow. mabey just me. but other than that looks good.
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    Questions about Tiny VPS

    like they said if you know linux command then it not that hard. but me i went to school for XP and got my A+ and a few other things. but we had a very small corse on Linux commands and i have a lot of trouble with it. thats just me. but i can work it but i need my books bye my side. So let me...
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    When did you join?
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    New Logo Idea's

    Ok i am useing a clipart blue diamond and then the Words Diamond PC repairs arching.. but i want something more Pro like..(dont ask i dont know) so have any idea's? If you can make it and give me it to me and i like it i will give you all the 314 credits i I need a Beer
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    anyone? help me....

    wow was quick! Never mind then..
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    Questions about Tiny VPS

    I would say it could be alittle harder than most would think..
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    Shout out!

    you got the diamond i can cut now i didnt say it would be like you wanted it. hell i might even keep part of it. oh and by the way jhon. i like your post you made on your thread.
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    Shout out!

    I just wanted to say i am giveing a SHOUT OUT to X10hosting and ALL of its users they are very resouceful and wise on just about all topics.
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    Help with VERY basic perl

    Right on.. i wasnt sure.. thats iwhy i said what i just kick me.
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    subdomain question...

    I dont know much. but i would think it would work on those lines. and agian like i said i dont know but had to put my 2 cents in.