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    Forum on site doesn't work

    I checked cpanel for redirects and saw "There are no redirects configured for your account." I have no redirects set up and I'm the only one with access to the hosting account so I know nothing has been changed. Here is no .htaccess file in the public html directory. ---------- Post added at...
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    Forum on site doesn't work

    I have not made any changes to the files. Everything was working fine before the maintenance. Here is the .htaccess file for the forums directory Options -MultiViews +FollowSymlinks -Indexes # # If mod_security is enabled, attempt to disable it. # - Note, this will work on the majority...
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    Forum on site doesn't work

    My site was made with word press and all the pages work except for the forums section. will not load. All the files appear to be in order for the directory. Did the recent maintenance change something? This is a MyBB forum btw.
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    Error establishing a database connection

    "Error establishing a database connection" is what I get when I visit my website . Everything was working fine until recently. I don't know if the recent maintenance screwed anything up and I hit repair database to see if it would fix the problem. How do i establish a...
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    X10 Hosting Is Terrible

    I have to agree with the op. My account has been in good standing since 2008. I realize that the move caused alot of problems but the news updates are misleading in saying that chopin issues have been resolved. My site still isn't up & I can't access cPanel. My support ticket hasn't been replied...
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    CPanel error, site doesn't load

    Ok any idea on how long it'll take to get escalated?
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    CPanel error, site doesn't load

    Ok I've been keeping up with the news and I'm guessing everything should work fine. My site still doesn't load and I get "server not found" error. I can't log into cpanel either. When I try to log in i get this error can't write into /home/luthy/.cpanel/nvdata.cache: No such file or directory...
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    Website doesn't load

    I've read news alerts and supposedly my website should be fine, but it doesn't load. I get "server not found". The address is
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    Hello. I paid for double my bandwidth and it still shows the old bandwidth of 10000MB instead of 20000MB. When will this change take place? my account is
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    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours... Still having this issue after 3 weeks. My visitors complain about the Fitbit redirect everyday :mad:. I posted about this a week or so ago and it never got fixed. Posting this again.
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    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours...

    I also flushed my DNS and restarted my pc. It didn't work. My page is Please assist :happysad:.
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    Can't login to my cPanel

    I mean the email address I used to sign up for service. And I still can't log into my cPanel :dunno:
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    Can't login to my cPanel

    I reset my pw recently and now I can't log into my cPanel with the new pw. Also where can I go to change the email address and various info on my account?
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    Can't use html editor

    Hi, I was trying to change my index page for my site. I started editting and went to save but now the editor won't load from file manager page. Any suggestions?