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    welcome to x10 forum jtwhite, I am also a newbie here just signed in three days ago. I hope you will enjoy your stay here like I did. Always stay active for you to learn more. Hope to see you next time and have a nice day!
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    Hello everyone

    hello there vnpadkids, welcome to forum x10hosting. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask because all the staff here are very much friendly and they can help you whatever your problem is. Have a nice day!
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    Check out my Site please

    Your site is in bad condition right now. I guess it was already reported for your wrong doings. Be a good boy next time.
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    [PHP] Basics of PHP Scripting

    I am new to PHP Scripting and Taha is right it would be better if you have provided a video tutorial so I could easily understand the basics of PHP scripting. Let me know if you did that. Thanks!
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    Please, review my Web site

    I like the design but I had noticed also the typographic error is still there. Under the service tab it say Grapfic Design instead of Graphic Design. Fix that typo error.