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    Have you ever been banned?

    I was nearly banned for my replies being one word, which was usually 'Word". Now I type more words, and actually try and be constructive.... I can be constructive.
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    Review My Site Please

    Nice site man, you should get a lot of interest due to the subject matter and the coolness factor of your site design.
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    what is your favourite online game?

    I probably play Tremulous the most, it's a solid team first person shooter.
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    please have a look.

    I am very jealous of your site, it is amazing, I am very impressed with the animations as you navigate the site.
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    Help with photoshop graphic

    Reduce your image size in Photoshop to 72dpi, at the finished pixel size that you require, then view by 'Actual pixel' under the view menu (this will show how the graphic should look once uploaded). Also consider saving as a jpeg or png file.
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    Email doesn't work

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    MAJOR spam!

    I concure
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    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    I work for a government department, we use DW only for mockups, we use notepad for the live sites. Notepad certainly produces the cleaner code. At home I use both. For my wifes business I use Dreamweaver, so I can easily make a change and she can view it as I do it. For my own site I use...
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    GoDaddy $1.19 Domains

    I must go and have a look
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    hi im matt!

    I must also remember to post in the forums.