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    What are you listening to?

    Triumph for now...
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    Can't reply to posts??

    If we can't reply to posts in the free forum, isn't that going to : 1. Increase the load on the support staff. ( I know, there are new hires in the wings.) 2. Make it more difficult to maintain an unsuspended status for the ad-free users... Just asking...
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    Can't reply to posts in this forum.

    Anyone have any ideas about this? It worked fine a couple of days ago. Now I can't posts replies..??
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    cpanel works site does not..??

    Any help on this? Site was working fine until about an hour ago. It is on Cossacks. Cpanel works.
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    Upgrade for Wordpress

    Is there a way to upgrade Wordpress on the cossacks server? When I log in, it tells me there is a new version available. Thanks!
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    Suspension and databases

    Does suspension and subsequent unsuspension remove databases? I had a WP blog going, got suspended due to not posting and have been enabled again. But cpanel reports no databases present. :mad:
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    X10 is the best free host, bar none!

    I just checked my cpanel and I am showing infinite disk space and 10Gb transfer... Don't know what I did, but thanks!! :dunno: X10 is the best!! :biggrin:
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    Hello all!

    I am glad to have found X10 hosting. Great host that provides us a free place to express ourselves. My blog has been gaining hits and the thing always seems to be up. I have had much worse. Let's keep these guys going and let others know what we think.