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    What ticks off an average normal guy to kill 12 people?

    He probably have depression or insanely bored.
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    Lockerz - Free Stuff and Paypal Cash

    haha lockerz takes forever to build up points.
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    Joomla Uninstalling Help

    I was wondering how do you uninstall it since fantasico is gone?
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    TreasureTrooper ezcash

    ok treasuretrooper is a a program where you do free offers to get cash. its not that bad, min payout is $20 but the price for the offers are like between $0.25 - $38.00. I would suggest doing the $0.25 ; $0.50; $1.00 offers TreasureTrooper info: - $20 min payout - Paypal or check - 20%...