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    having problem with my x10hosting...

    good day sir/madam, im having a problem in my forum ... once I open it using the link .. it shows the "Default Web Site Page" .. what seems to be the problem? I didnt do any changes in my forum/site .... Last...
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    503 Service Unavailable .....

    what seems to be the problem sir ... when i edit Signature ... it shows.... see attachment below...:eek:
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    My site ROCKS!! thank you x10hosting...

    w0w cooL .... SMF is it FREE
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    Which games do you think is the most difficult to play?

    Dino Crisis 2 for me ...
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    doex x10webhosting have a banner

    i think ... they have but doesnt show it .. :D i hope we can have it so that we can show crdit to them
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    How fast is your Internet?

    ahahaha.. yeah right ... :( .. im sad of having it ... D but no options .. :D
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    How to Change Username..

    i want to change my username .... but i dunno how .... any Idea.... username ni cpanel ....
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    What is the best mobile website for you? is the best for me ...
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    spam post...
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    How do x10hosting.....

    i agree with this also..... i hope this will granted ...
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    Which is your best screen recording software?

    for me its .. All Capture ... nice and portable...
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    How fast is your Internet?

    1mb download 512kb upload ... i think i have the slowest connection here. ..:frown::frown:
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    How fast is your Internet?

    w0w ... good results... i hope i have same speed with u guyz ...
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    os whats best

    still windows .. is OK .. friendly use
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    i prefer nod32.. is great in preventing malwares
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    dark98 is in the house

    hello guyz, good day newbie here... i am new in making sites and find this great hosting ... i hope am welcome here... I Love you ALL
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    Temporary UnavaiLable...

    Good Day Sir, we are currently experiencing "The Page is Temporary UnavaiLabLe".... ... we are hoping for an answer for this sir....thank you in advance ...