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    cpanel problem

    it won't let me login on cpanel my username and password are up to date. it this for everyone of for me?
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    my cpanel will just say failed to login. is this being fixed? or is it just my login.
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    perl help

    i want to display "welcome (yourname)" when you login. it works fine but i am starting to put html into the perl program but i use a function called getUsername() and i can put the h2 tag on the print welcome bit but the getusername i carn't and it comes up with an internal server error. so...
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    Count to 1 Million

    2,374 websites
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    Want to learn to program....

    w3 schools tells you lots of information about lots of programming languages. Download the wamp server witch has already got php and mysql installed. it gives you phpmyadmin for a database.
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    review the layout

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    review the layout

    please can you review my site? i am working on a browser game and i need you to review the home page and the other pages. There is no game just yet though :frown:
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    Where do i put my files?

    it does that because there is no index.html or index.php because apache looks for an index or home page.
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    i'm using perl. click here to go to the website
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    Is the CGI working? Because on my registration or login none of the cgi is doing anything. The script's are fine. Please help.
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    Account deletion

    can you delete my account please because i deleted all the files and need to sign up again. (x)
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    Check out my website!!!!

    it looks alright. but the top banner is a bit big
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    i just deleted all of them
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    I accedently deleted all the files that you start up with when you first sign up. I used filezilla because i thought i didn't need them. Please send me them or post them. email: