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    Site offline since update

    I've been offline for 2 answer to support tickets..nada. What a stuffup.
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    Two Weeks with no website. Is it all over for x10???

    I've been with x10 for years...became a prime member a few years ago...always recommended it... and now I've been moved from chopin to vox...and no website for two weeks. I can see my files on cpanel, but no website, no FTP access with filezilla, no answer to my two support tickets. All my...
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    Website, account still down?

    Hi, I'm in the same website ( for nearly a week, put in a support ticket. still waiting.....really bad timing as I submit my uni work through the website....disappointed.
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    Welcome friend!
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    I use Firefox 6, no probs.
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    welcome. glad you made it!
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    my design what u think?

    website looks great, maybe up the content.
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    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    Hi, I use FTP Explorer, but I think I will have to check out Filezilla!
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    opening cpanel

    hi. looking through all these threads, lots of people have their website working, but cant open cpanel. me too. then I saw a suggestion to reset your password , which has just worked for me. Hope this helps. cheers
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    Hi, Just new to this, so what would I know? All I can think of is to try it , if its against the rules? then it would probably be barred. Wish I could help more. Someone must know!! cheers