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    onlione money making sytem

    not using code analyzing or such high-tech stuffs but i have personally tested these "money making" stuffs (with school computer and fake email address), most of them are scam
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    USBs -what puts wear & tear on memory sticks

    you are lucky...most kids wont even take a look at these old machines
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    Cool simple file sharing site -

    no ads? lets see how long it can stay alive...
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    How do x10hosting.....

    have been wondering about this too, as i recently saw another free hosting site(with almost no restrictions, like x10) closed because too many people abuse it...
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    at least he posted in the right section :P
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    Loading time for my website.

    chrome network monitor says 1.31 sec, and your email icon took over half of it still fine though, 5kb total transfer
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    Loadig time

    only took 3 sec to load...what kind of old internet are you using? and agree with what essellar said, dont use png for such thing