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    Lotus Trouble?

    Sorry for the jinx, I'll shut up now... -- hemi_
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    Web Site Recovery

    Whatever nameserver is associated with is pointing at a comcast IP in Ill., not x10hosting. -- hemi
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    Lotus Trouble?

    I'm hesitant to post, but knock on wood... The original point of this thread (which was started before mysql and the server went down a couple days ago) appears to have been corrected. I have not experienced any 10-30+ second page loads today, for the first time in recent memory. Thanks to the...
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    If you were suspended for inactivity, I believe you should be able to unsuspend yourself from your control panel, .... -- hemi_
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    Lotus Trouble?

    Ps. Although I haven't been able to connect to my site since the initial load, the server did finally cough up an error: -- hemi_
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    Lotus Trouble?

    I guess there are no known problems w/ lotus. I tried my site as I'm posting this. First load took a good 30 seconds and clicking a link never loaded (timed out). I guess it could be a routing issue, although Monday night I was chatting in IRC w/ a site member experiencing the same load times...
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    Lotus Trouble?

    I just checked and yes it loaded nearly instantaneously, then I clicked another link on the site and it took 15 seconds to load, 3rd link 20 seconds, 4th link 5 seconds, etc... It's not slow 100% of the time, more like 80-90% of the clicks lately... I've been doing some web development for the...
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    Lotus Trouble?

    Yes, I read the status report, but the trouble was noticed well before Friday & I can't imagine it taking 4 days to install apache, i.e. it's still slow... ;) Thanks for the reply, -- hemi
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    Lotus Trouble?

    Is Lotus having any troubles? For the last week or better connectivity has been horrible for me. Occasionally a page will load in a fairly normal "few" seconds, but just as often it will completely time out. The average is probably about 10-15 seconds for a page to load, but at times I can't...
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    mailing list

    I believe x10 uses Mailman for it's mailinglists. Any emails sent (by users) to the list address are forwarded to all users subscribed to that list. One can join & leave through a web interface, or by sending specifically formatted emails to the list. -- hemi_
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    Lotus FTP Trouble

    My bad, I apparently changed my password at some point and forgot, the browser's cached password (working) wasn't the same as i was trying to use w/ FTP (from ~/.netrc). Where's my dumbass award? Problem solved, sorry for the interuption... Thanx, -- hemi
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    Lotus FTP Trouble

    I can view my website (, log into the forums, log into cpanel, view my site's files through cpanel's file manager, but I have not been able to log in using FTP in weeks, I believe Jan 19 was my last successful login. I knew Lotus was being worked on so I didn't worry about...
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    Any Update to the new server migration??

    If you're asking what SSH is, you probably do not need it. Basically, paid hosting has better uptime (website availability), more "features", & and "official" support. Free hosting here is good, but you get what you pay for (it's free, please don't complain about occasional downtime). There...
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    Very Strange / File Missing

    I thought I'd describe this as browsing the forums, I didn't see anything that would seem to explain... Disclaimer: I'm weird, I like taking files like config.php (with passwords, etc) and move them out of the web root to my home directory and symlink the file back to the webroot... I went to...