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    help please

    Can you please look at me site and tell me if the banner will beok there. thanks John
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    cPanel Username:wwfn How long your account has been up: for atleast 2 months maybe more Did you have the ads placed on every page: yes i would like to know why my account is suspended. I have the ads on my pages.
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    downgrade account

    Hello, I wish to downgrade my account. After moving my other site to my other hosting account i do not need this much space/bandwidth. i would like to go to x10Advanced. thanks John
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    can one of the admins help me

    Hello, I have been trying for almost 30 mins to get the ads on my forums and i cannot seem to find the right place to put them. Can you guys help me with it.
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    need a new password

    hello, when trying to loginto my domain cpanel using my screen name and password it won't let me i know the screen name and password is correct. my domain is can someone fix it for me so i can upload my website with the banners ad's.
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    suspended account

    my account was suspended. And i don't know why. I had the banners on the page as requested. It was in the footer. I was told there is not a place that i had to put the banners. thanks john
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    site not showing up

    Hello, My account was setup today. and when i go to it does not show up. If i go to the ip address i can log into cpanel. but i just cannot see the site. Thanks for your help John West