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    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    dont ever use yahoo lol...
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    RFID chip, is it real?

    it will not happen on every human...but it has been done on prisoners and animals
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    Tax in USA

    i had no idea there is or are states that don't charge anything on taxes....the cheapest state i know is michigan..7.5 % I believe..
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    Please critique my website

    It would be great to see the images on higher quality , and add some vivid colors too :)
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    Weird, unable to get unsuspended

    yes , it has been over 36 hours since the last two submission
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    Weird, unable to get unsuspended

    Hi, I have submitted a couple of unsuspension request ticket on different date but somehow i am still suspended. Normally, it kicks in right away too.
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    Sql for noobs

    ooooo thank you guys....i've tried learning it from the sql on this control panel but i couldn't get any work here we do use alot of sql to manage databases but i can't afford to mess around with them and screw up my paycheck.. W3schools is really helpful
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    Sql for noobs

    Does anyone know if there's a software that will allow you to master your sql skills? I want to master my sql before I jump into installing unix, ingres, and database so that i can start practicing sql.
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    Submitted a ticket, now what?

    I took someone's advise..submitted a problem ticket because my site has been down since the server migration, now i went back to my site and it's showing me a suspended page. I tried logging to my account on and it is giving me an error code: ERRT84094. I never heard from the...
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    Please take a look on my account

    username:peacesam <--page error ?? The error code provided is: ERRT84094 my web has been going up on down since the data migration.
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    Weird account suspended constantly

    thanks...its unsuspended now but if it happens again then i'll submit a ticket!
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    Weird account suspended constantly

    My account has been suspended quite often's supposed to be 14 days if I don't check the forums but I've done that on and off and sometimes my account would get suspended in less than 14 days..when i requested to be unsuspended, eventually it got unsuspended but on the same day it will...
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    Can't login to cPanel

    wow man...should i kiss u or what??? finally im back in the game!!! thank you!
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    Can't login to cPanel

    Cpanel login kept saying error, I've tried to retrieve password twice already and hasn't gotten any email for over a week. FTP login is incorrect either...whats going on?
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    [PHP] MySQL and PHP

    It's gonna take me sometime to learn all this. I have never dealt with PHP and MySQl but i know some programming languages and I've seen some sql work on Unix system at work... Right now i'm trying to add a comment box and a shoutout box to my website but apparently it requires a database so to...
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    Linking account issue

    It say's my account name isn't in the database, i believe it was idled for two weeks. Also, when I checked my domain name;, it says the domain is available...i figured my account has been terminated so I tried to sign up for a new one but it says i already have a domain and use...
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    HOW TO: Link your forum account with cPanel.

    so where can i get my problem solved since the live chat is the only way.. and its always offline. I don't feel like creating new accounts to solve the issue. I tried to re-send the confirmation e-mail but it said my account isn't in the database, then when I tried signing up for a new plan it...
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    HOW TO: Link your forum account with cPanel.

    I had the same problem as those guys with pcriot domain. My username doesn't exist so i can't link it to my account.. account for forums and hosting is peacesam. Domain: //which doesn't work right now...