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    Most unusual or underappreciated games of all time?

    Well nobody is wrong because it is an opinion...and I don't believe Twisted Metal qualifies as underappreciated or unusual since there was multiple sequels and the series has done quite well. I know I appreciate Twisted Metal and would like to see future games on the new systems! Imagine a...
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    Most unusual or underappreciated games of all time?

    I want to know some of your opinions on games that maybe didn't get the recognition they deserved. Either by being different or flying under the radar. Below are some of my suggestions... 1) Cursed Mountain - Wii - 2009 Plot: A mountain climber looking for his lost brother in the 1980's...
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    Very happy with free hosting, but how do I upgrade?

    I have been pleased with my free-hosted account, but get annoyed at the occassional suspensions for not logging into the community forums frequently enough. I'm looking to upgrade my same account to premium without an interruption in hosting or starting a new site altogether. I thought I'd...
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    what game should i buy for the xbox 360 and why?

    I only have a few 360 games but I think they are all really good; 1) COD MW2 2) Fallout 3 3) WWE Vs Smackdown 2010 4) Left 4 Dead 5) Left 4 Dead 2 And I'm looking to get AVP when the price goes down a bit...
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    What's in your disc tray?

    I highly suggest Fallout 3 if you haven't played it already. For $30 now and hundreds of potential hours of enjoyment. I just got it for xmas and have stopped playing it. There is so much content and now downloadable content. It's a shooter, sandbox adventure, and RPG all in one. And unlike...