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    difference of c# and c++

    C++ is a systems programming language for all operating systems. It is not supported by a specific company. C# is a programming language that is part of the .NET Framework. It can be used for systems programming and web programming.
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    Silverlight Data and Command Binding Problems

    I cannot seem to figure out what is causing my data bindings and command bindings to not work correctly. All of my static resources work, but none of my bindings to the DataContext. XAML Code Code Behind View Model CommandBase and ModelBase classes Any ideas, suggestions?
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    php rank ratings

    Ok. In my snippet, $pages is an array holding the page names, and $rating is an array holding the ratings, with each key corresponding to an entry in the $pages array. So in your snippet, $rating is set within the included page, right? A multidimensional array is an array within an array. A...
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    Change a letter!

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    php rank ratings

    How about this: $num=count($page); $sortedByRating=array(); for($i=0;$i<$num;$i++) { if(isset($sortedByRating[$rating[$i]])) { if(!isset($sortedByRating[$rating[$i]][0])) { $sortedByRating[$rating[$i]][0]=$sortedByRating[$rating[$i]]...
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    In your opinion what is the most powerful programming language

    I would have to say C++. It can be used for low level programming like C, and it can do higher level programming more like Java. It can also link with many languages. It can interface with C, Objective-C,C#,Visual Basic.NET,ASP.NET,The D Programming Language, and Java all at once if you want...
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    MySQL Workbench CE to Forward Engineering to MySQL DB errors

    THAT would explain it... I thought for sure I fixed the unsigned/signed problem in MySQL Workbench, let me check... Yep, now it works. Thanks to everyone who helped me!
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    MySQL Workbench CE to Forward Engineering to MySQL DB errors

    That is the way the script was generated from MySQL Workbench, and I saw no reason to change it. Do you think that is the problem? Edit: I just changed the names and ran the query again and it still failed.
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    MySQL Workbench CE to Forward Engineering to MySQL DB errors

    All of my tables are InnoDB tables and both error messages for the tables are exactly the same (except for the table name of course).
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    MySQL Workbench CE to Forward Engineering to MySQL DB errors

    I use MySQL Workbench Community Edition to set up my databases before I create them. I just finished my setup and I am trying to build the tables. So far I have successfully created all of my tables and routines except for two of them, my `Planets` table and my `Designs` table. The following...
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    What is your favorite online Flash Game

    My favorite games are tower defense games like bloons tower defense and puzzle games like bejeweled.