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    Email probs

    OH THIS IS WONDERFUL!!! after patiently waiting for some 45days or so.. the email now works and everything is normal again as far as i can tell. Hoorah, and many thanks to the x10 management and staff!!! you are awesome :-)
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    Email probs

    My email hasn't worked since i signed up :-( I'm on the stoli server and as of this writing, the stats say stoli is ok. I'm getting the ff message everytime i send: "There was an error sending your message: Failed to connect to localhost:25 [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server...
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    Email doesn't work

    I have the same problems :-( Can i ask where it is that you enter these things? please...
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    Hello all...

    I signed up with x10 a few weeks ago and have enjoyed toying around with the what's and how to's for posting websites and pages on the net. I am very new at this but just like in a dance, you learn as you go. =) glad to have found this site and am happy with the easy navigation. more...