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  1. cool_spiky3d76

    The Ctrl+V game

    hehe interesting game. The line below was on my clipboard. Patching bike tire is very difficult and require some skill but now this tutorial will help me doing this work.
  2. cool_spiky3d76

    Please do a visit on my Blog site :)

    awesome site. good work. keep up man
  3. cool_spiky3d76

    Google+ vs Facebook

    Google will make it I know it will make it Let it come for full version, google will beat facebook very badly That is my opinion - you don't need to agree :) I respect everyone's opinion
  4. cool_spiky3d76

    Count to 1 Million

  5. cool_spiky3d76

    Gaming System!!!

    I prefer PC than any other console because we can upgrade pc when new games are available We cannot upgrade console and need to continue with them Also, we can do many other task on PC which console can't
  6. cool_spiky3d76

    Domain change

    Hi, When I registered with your web hosting, I wasn't able to use my own domain name that I have registered and was forced to use a sub domain provided by your company. Is it possible to get my primary domain ( changed to: If you can do this...