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    The Sims 3!

    I dont know. It seems really nice, but i will wait a little bit i think
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    Flames and Water

    The flames ARE cool. I like the colours alot.
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    x10Hosting Medal

    Ok, so the template won't be released for the public?
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    Self-sacrifice comes in so many different ways. If you mean to give your life, well I wouldn't do it to save people I didn't know. My brother, YEAH. My GF, most defenetely (misspelled I know). Other than that I have realised that the only person I can trust 100% is myself, and because of that I...
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    If a nuclear World War III were to break out tommorow, what would you do?

    I don't really have the knowledge to know what the odds are. But, I live in Sweden and we don't have ANYTHING that can protect us, so I would probably gather and spend whatever times left with my family!!!
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    Economic meltdown

    Im 23, student, living in Sweden with my GF. I won't feel so much besides it will get hard to get a job for the summer. I have 3.5 years left in school, hopefully I will graduate when the tides are changing, hopefully BEFORE it has turned. My money are secured since I get them from the...
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    As the human being I am I would want to be informed so that I could do ANYTHING to survive. This might be very EGO, but the fact is that the same EGO that can save me can save others too. So it's kinda two sides of the same coin :)
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    Can money buy true happiness?

    Myself, I don't believe that money can buy TRUE happiness. My believe is that there is ONE thing that can make you happy, and it's yourself.
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    Why do people wish......

    The reason people wish are many. You can't say that everybody that "wish for something" is bad people. I mean, I for one understand why people in poor countries WISH for us with money to help from an situation that is hard to come out of. Alot of the "wishing" in the west part of the world comes...
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    Wait it out mate, its totally worth it! :)
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    Hey guys.

    Welcome aboard, im pretty new too. Also got my blog up (not english though)
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    Hello world

    Its a great host. It has everything I can think of.!
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    My site - a blog

    Hi! I'm Mårten, I'm from Sweden, 23 years old. I wanted to say THNX for giving out this free service. Its GREAT.
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    x10Hosting Medal

    Where can I get hold of the website template?
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    Would you.. for someone you cared.. or not?

    This comes down to which philosophy you have. I remember reading about it. Although I can't remember the names of them, there were to that where almost opposite. The first one said that no matter WHAT could come out of an action you shouldn't do a bad thing. The other said that if the good...
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    LCD or Plasma TVs?

    I voted Plasma, even though I have a LCD. I bought my LCD about 1.5 years ago. It's not a big issue but I would like a Plasma since I really feel my LG LCD lacks alot of contrast comparing it to my brothers Plasma. But, will have to stick with LCD for a while now. Hopefully I will get a job...
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    What IM network do you perfer?

    I only use Skype, the reason is the people I want to contact is either on Skype or just a phonecall away.
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    What do you do on the computer?

    usually: Surf Music Some games And hopefully now with x10hosting I will start to blog.
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    The orange box?

    I own it for the PS3. I can tell you, Portal is SO much fun. Also, if you haven't played trough HL, DO IT!!!
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    360 vs. ps3

    I find this discussion everywhere, and it does interest me. I'm lucky, I own a PS3 myself and my brother has the Xbox360!!