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  1. Pills1221

    error logging into x10 hosting account :(

    when i try to log into my x10hsting account, i get this: An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue. does anyone know why? Edit: ok...
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    ok thanks
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    i have just recently (like 5 minutes ago) installed the latest vbcredits onto my forum. everything went smoothly, except for one thing. i also have the vmoods hack installed, and they are overlapping.... il get a picture so you know what i mean *gets picture* ok so does anyone know whats going on?
  4. Pills1221

    blank admincp on vbulletin.

    i thought of doing that but i kinda thought i would get an answer here faster. il go to the vbulletin forums then.
  5. Pills1221

    blank admincp on vbulletin.

    ok im really mad now. about 2 hours ago, it started working. i could do whatever i wanted. and just now, it goes blank again. all i did was password protect the admincp directory. and then it went blank :( does anyone know why? pleasse help....
  6. Pills1221

    Easy way to earn tons!

    hmmm... sounds interesting. but is there any other way to recieve payment? as in paypal? because i would rather get it through paypal then a check. if i join, il join under your referal, i just want to knw the answer to my question :)
  7. Pills1221

    uCash - Turn links into money

    many people join things like that even if they arent 18 >_> removing one little post like that and closing this thread wont stop kida from signing up for those kinda of things..... just sayin >_>
  8. Pills1221

    best free html editor

    i just recently ran into this free web page builder. its called Blue Voda. it works really well for me... well for now anyway. lol :)
  9. Pills1221

    Need some affiliates xD

    ^ yea im wondering the same thing. can we put it anywhere on the homepage? or anywhere we want? because i have an affiliates page. and there is a button on my homepage to my affiliates page
  10. Pills1221

    Best website builder

    ^ yea i use blue voda. its pretty simplee to use. just add any picture you want, add buttons or whatever you want. what you see is what you get pretty much. and im still not sure how to "publish" it using blue voda, so i jsut preview, and then save the preview. then i upload it to my server...
  11. Pills1221

    Make £200 a month upwards!!!

    haha this thread si awesome. :) it deserves a sticky >_> lol serisouly though nice job on making this thread =P
  12. Pills1221

    Get paid 5$ per month

    details please. this thread doesnt help much. we need to know how you will be paying.
  13. Pills1221

    Earn from your regular activity

    yes it is. wel i think so anyway. you get paid just for searching normally like you would any day.
  14. Pills1221

    Free Cash, Rapidshare, Domains, and more!

    yeai think they were editing it or something not sure. but there is offers now. it tells you if you have completed the offer or not as well. pretty cool. :) EDIT: ok nevermind. i had jsut clicked offers as a guest, and it seemed it was up and running. nut i just registered and all the offers...
  15. Pills1221

    blank admincp on vbulletin.

    ok so i just installed vbulletin on my website. but whenever i try to access the admincp on my website, i get a blank page =/. everything else on the forum works fine. i can access the modcp, edit posts, and everything. i just cant access my admincp. as you can tell, this is a big problem...
  16. Pills1221

    Vbulletin help

    ok thanks to everyone for helping me with m,y problem. i have it working now, and running :) thanks a lot. now i just have one more problem. i cant access my admincp. i can use the forum, and everything works nicely. but when i try to access my admincp, i get a blank white page. :( i have asked...
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    The Free Website - Fbay

    still wont load :( the page just shows the loading sign.
  18. Pills1221

    Make $100 Per Week!

    im still wating to be confirmed.
  19. Pills1221

    The Free Website - Fbay

    the site wont load for me :(
  20. Pills1221

    Make $100 Per Week!

    ok i have registered. i believe this is a scam. if it works i will tell you. if not... well il still tell you lol. well i registered and im waiting for my account to be activated by kesne. il let you all know when my account is activated, and the results a week after.