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  1. cristopher_caducoy96

    Rate my design outta 10 please :)

    7/10 I think the balance and aesthetics is small ... just for I think. But if you intended it to be like that small due to small content. I was just imagining my self looking a site with fluid layout. By the way, it was cool. ajaxified content manipulation.
  2. cristopher_caducoy96

    my design what u think?

    Very nice artworks.... can somebody visit my site and give some advice or suggestions. Tnx
  3. cristopher_caducoy96

    My very first website.... what you all think?

    I agree with ezellar if i am not mistaken, i'll not repeat those and i got some additional suggestions. This site is great for the thing that it was manually coded or i think made by some site generator programs. This site is static, highly vulnerable for intrusion. I suggest, make it dynamic...
  4. cristopher_caducoy96

    ATI/AMD Graphics or Nvidia

    Me too.... i got ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470 for my laptop and i got all my gaming needs up to Call of Duty 6 Full graphics but in terms of extended display for multi-monitor view, the vga driver fails to inititalize. I don't know if the card itself has the problem or if i don't have the current...
  5. cristopher_caducoy96

    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    Uhm....FileZilla is awesome,,,i always use it for FTP ...though,,,i always wanted it to be upgraded.... in the way that it could uncompress a zip or compressed file through the host server..... just wondering if there is any FTP Program with that kind of feature.?