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    Suspended -.-

    I'm editing 1 file, when I press save it works, I create a new file, I'm saving, - Login failed! - I'm suspended again! Only for editing 1 file! High server useage? No visitors on that time, only I -.-
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    Cpanel help!

    hmzl, it works :o). Thanks.
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    Suspended, Why?!

    I'm AGAIN suspended.. Why? 'High server resource usage detected.', says the tool. But i'm only looking in Fantastico.. Edit: Again I'm suspended! With 3 users in my chatroom, and then connention losts.. :L
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    Cpanel help!

    When I login on Cpanel, the panel loads, loads, loads when I pressed login, it don't stops!
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    game: kill the above user

    - Killing Smith6612 by an smile -
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    Count to 1 Million

    144, xD
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    Thanks for replay. I'v did a request ;). I say here if it works. Edit: Problem soulved Thanks, Dennis
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    Internet Explorer Vs. Firefox

    Firefox, Simply fast, a cool lookout, simple, much addons etc.
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    Would you like to set my account's to 400? I need it to install flashchat.. Thanks, Dennis. (Cpanel user dennisz)