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    PhpMyAdmin password recovery !!! please help !!!

    Hi! guys how can I recover my password in PhpMyAdmin! please I need help! Thanks in Advance!
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    review my site and blog! thx!

    Thanks! yeah I forgot it thanks for reminding ^_^ ! Happy Holidays!
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    Review My Site

    I agree with shant93 If you like you can check out this tutorial so you can improve your site. Would you mind reviewing my site here is the link or
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    review my site and blog! thx!

    Hi guys I hope you don't mind reviewing my web site and blog! Link to my Site >>> Link to my Blog >>>
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    Check out my Blog guys!

    I create this blog to tell about what I'm doing in my job and also to give information and reference for designers like me. I hope you like it! View here my Blog ! View my Online Portfolio !
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    Documentation for Web Design

    leviathon this is a nice link....thanks for sharing
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    Documentation for Web Design

    We need the design brief because that will be our guidelines when we design the site. 1. What will be the menu or navigation page. 2. What will be used in banner flash or jquery, and how many transitions if flash. 3. Will there be Advertisements ( google ads, 728x90, 468x68 etc. ) 4. What color...
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    Full flash site project: afzmusica

    I like the entry button this a 30 frame animation???
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    photoshop designing

    yeah like krofunk said any a theme, webdesign, photo manipulation, typogrpahy etc....
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    My domain doesn't change to

    Yes I always have that kind of error when I resubmit the pending notification. ---------- Post added at 08:48 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:16 AM ---------- Oh yes there's a parked domain so I removed it and try to submit a new domain request and it works. The domain is now updated but...
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    My domain doesn't change to

    Hi! I'm having a problem don't know if it's on x10hosting or just me. When I modify my domain and change it to still it returns to the default Does updating of domain will take time, because I already updating and resubmitted the notification for two weeks. I hope someone will help...
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    my is redirecting to need help!!!

    Hi guys! everytime I visit it redirects to And I dont know what is the problem. I setup the dns server with and And I never touched the settings of the zone records setting. I had successfully do it in my other