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  1. nate16000

    graphic card

    what is your graphic card mine is Gforce 5500 64mb i need to buy a new one so the one i see the more of i'll buy it lol
  2. nate16000

    hello it's me lol

    hello all i'm going to be around for a long time so get to know me i like power over thing thats y i want to be a mod here but i mite have to work up to that level i'm nice,mean when i have to lol i make games and do graphic and websites i hate spam don't make fun of how i spell (if u...
  3. nate16000


    Goverment need to get there nose out of the game bussness i hate them and one person (that women) all them going to make everything over rated for games it bad anuff all ready this is my thinking what is yours
  4. nate16000


    is it possable to make a site out of C++?? and if it is what are the possableleys sorry enlgish is not my first language:laughing: