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    Service Temporarily Unavailable in lotus

    perhaps it has some problem in lotus.... Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an...
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    the "R1Soft Restore Backups" fails in Lotus

    Thanks, ichwar, for your quick answer. the error message is the same (in other computer, clear cache). The problem is "Error: Failed to connect to ( Connection refused: connect" I suppose this (private) direction (10.X.X.X) is the internal conection between...
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    the "R1Soft Restore Backups" fails in Lotus

    hi. I can go to mi Control Panel but when i try to restore backup , in the panel option "r1soft restore backups", it give a screen error If i try to access to, the result is the same. this is the error Error: Failed to connect to ( Connection...
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    problemas con r1Soft

    Hola. Os funciona a alguno R1Soft restore backups? A mi me tira una pantalla de error, como si no hubiera conexión. en rojo, en la parte superior: Error: Failed to connect to ( Connection refused: connect Ya he abierto el correspondiente ticket. A ver que tal se da.
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    si, la mas standar ahora es 1024*768
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    no funcionan las variables $_FILES

    Desde la ultima actualizacion, he detectado que no hay acceso desde ningun script de php a las variables $_FILES, por lo que los usuarios de mi pagina no pueden subir ficheros al server. Además, veo que no salen mensajes de error de syntaxis en php, solo pagina en blanco, a pesar de intertar...
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    What's wrong with Absolut Server?

    perhaps, you has try upload files trought formulary. Is it true? In this moment, the var $_FILES don´t works in this PHP.
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    no error messages an $_FILES not work

    I have detect the server give us no errors nor notice messages, (white screen when you have php syntax error, nor notices...), and no works variables $_FILES .... anything more?. anybody knows another mode to upload files to the server whitout $_FILES vars in php? Excuse my poor english
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    PHP Errors

    hi guys.... The problem is the symbol " <? " in php paragraphs. if you change this by" <?php ", then scripts works ok!. there are more fails in the server: no error nor notice messages, (white screen when you have php syntax error), no works $_FILES functions.... anything more?. excuse my poor...
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    Últimas actualizaciones

    Ya habia abierto un ticket, estoy esperando la respuesta.Gracias
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    Últimas actualizaciones

    si, pero algunos servidores se han caido! ejemplo:
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    More Updates!

    ummmm... i think is more difficult to navigate in this board. ...
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    server down?

    thank you for your answers
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    server down?

    anyone else not able to get to an x10 hosted site?. i have no access to my site And i can't connect to cpanel anyway.