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  1. arkitek


    Im thinking of changing to Linux but I want a little user feedback first. :nuts: The main thing I use my computer for is designing in Adobe Products (Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, etc). I usually (for hobby) create corny music in fruity loops lol. Im kind of fed up with windows and I...
  2. arkitek

    PHP & MYSQL Profiling System

    Okay, ive been told this is REALLY HARD. but then again... i know u guys are amazing... i need to make a profiling system similar to for a wrestling website
  3. arkitek

    Technical Problemo

    Okay, im designing this website for a canadian rapper... If you click enter, then load the second page... index2.php... scroll down... you will see that it doesnt quite touch the bottom of the page... can u help me fix that? thanks.... i feel so embarrassed asking...
  4. arkitek

    Adding Second Domain

    I've posted this in the V.I.P. section, but just in case someone can help me here first.... 0---0 Hey... i want to make load out of folder "wm". All the necessary things have been setup, including name servers pointing to x10... how in cPanel would i get this to work...
  5. arkitek

    Image Rollover HTML

    Hey, What i need to do looks something like this: -------- _______________ | | ----------- | | -------- \ | | -------- \ |...
  6. arkitek

    Boost Mobile

    Bada bing, bada boom! I was flipping through The Souce (December '04 Edition- we get it real late where i live) and i came across this Boost Mobile advertisement with Kanye, Game & Luda... i think...anyway... i saw the mobile and decided to see if i could make it in photo shop.... here's the...
  7. arkitek

    Twizzle Productions- Design By AEGFX

    Hey, This is a website im currently designing for a clients company, Twizzle Productions. If My acount was not suspended, i'd link to, but unfortunately it is, so, will have to do. Im still working on this, but it should...
  8. arkitek

    Account Suspended

    Hi... my account has been suspended... im pretty sure of the reason... Can you please re-activate it so i can abide by the TOS? I didnt read the TOS, and didnt know about the ads thing... but im redesigning my website and it will be incorporated into the website so that everywhere a...