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    I'm in starka, but I resolved the issue. I cleared all the Actions under "View Account Actions"...

    I'm in starka, but I resolved the issue. I cleared all the Actions under "View Account Actions" in the Hosting section of the Account Management Panel. Once I did this, I updated my password, and I used that password to log-in.
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    Still can't log-in to cPanel

    Sorry to start another request, but all the suggestions to log-in to cPanel have failed so far. I've changed/updated my password various times, through Account through Hosting, and it still won't work. Please advice on the next step to try to see if I can manage to log-in.
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    Can't log-in to cPanel

    My account just got unsuspended, but I still can't log-in to the cPanel. I followed the tutorial to change my password, did it about 3 or 4 times and it still doesn't work even though it said that the change was successful... but I still can't get in. Is it a login name problem? I'm using the...
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    Unsuspension and cPanel

    My former request ticket was closed, but an admin told me that I got unsuspended and to wait 24 hours to see if everything was fine. I couldn't re-open my last ticket since I don't have those "Administrative" tools that are supposed to allow to unlock a thread. Anyways, my account status is...
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    Manual unsuspension

    How long does it usually take for an account to get un-suspended? Not in a hurry, but just so I have a better idea on when it should start working again instead of having to check every few hours or so. Thanks. ---------- Post added at 01:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 PM...
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    Manual unsuspension

    Can I please get unsuspended now that the transfers of servers is complete? Thanks.
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    Default Web Site Page

    /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi <--- having the same problem with my add-on domain since this server transfer started a month or so ago. Seems like many people are experiencing the same problem. I know they're supposedly working on some domain/cpanel issues, at least according to the last status...
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    Add on Domains missing / not working. Is this a new server issue?

    My add-on domain keeps going to a cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi page, like many others I've seen around here have complained about previously. Any update on these types of situations?
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    Is website server dns changed?

    My guess is that we should wait it out until all the trouble shooting and fixes they are doing with the servers gets finished. They seem to be aware of all these Domain problems. There are quite a few threads here complaining about DNS problems, check them out.
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    Sth WRONG with my add-on Domain

    I'm having the same problem. The I tried configuring my Addon Domain once again, and it told me that there was an error because I already "have that Addon Domain configured" yet it still doesn't show up in the settings page. Weird.
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    (Lotus) No cPanel Access, bad MySQL connection, CGI page on parked domain

    Have you tried resetting the passwords? I wasn't able to log-in into my cPanel yesterday and then I resetted my passwords and I got in.
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    Is cossacks up and running?

    If it helps, my Addon Domain is not working. After login-in to my cPanel, the cPanel was mentioning that I had no Addon Domain configured, even though it shows up in my account details. Seeing that, I tried to add my domain through the cPanel once again, but got an error in the process which...
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    User transfer to another server suspension

    Hi, my account was suspended due to a user transfer to another server. What are the next steps to get me un-suspended? Thanks.