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  1. oliver55000

    site "under construction"

    hi my site now (i think) has the under construction bug Site: gfxfreak user: oliver55000 state of mind: annoyed p.s. would i be able to use my site for podcasting as well what i asked for originally
  2. oliver55000


    i cannot acess my accout for my hosting site and wuold like some help, whjem i try to log on to the _private section i type my user name: ideath and my password:...... it asks again and again and again then tells me that there is a problem with authorisation. please help me as i find this very...
  3. oliver55000

    password problem

    i have been trying to log on to my "_private" section of my account and it wont let me i am quite sure i have the right user name and password but it wont let me in :crying: please help me oli
  4. oliver55000

    help please, im stupid

    im quite annoyed because i have just been sent my account info and cant access the domain please can you help me, its probably something simple but i cant figure it out oli