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  1. swordslam46

    How to set up Cron

    How do I make a PHP script run with cron? I saw a thread around here and I couldn't understand it. So if someone could give me a simple walkthrough I would appreciate it.
  2. swordslam46

    Website does not load

    I still don't see any content. Any suggestions?
  3. swordslam46

    Website does not load

    Recently my website has not been loading. It takes 2-3 minutes and then stops and doesn't display any content. My site is
  4. swordslam46

    Subdomain for storage

    Am I allowed to use a subdomain for storing files if they are going to be used? So I'm not talking about storing pictures just to get them off of my PC I' talking about storing .js files so I can host codes.
  5. swordslam46

    Why can't I use FTP?

    Thank you, it works now. Locked
  6. swordslam46

    Why can't I use FTP?

    Ok, Im using FileZilla now, how do I check to make sure it's not using SCP?
  7. swordslam46

    Why can't I use FTP?

    Recently I created an FTP account on x10. I entered the details in correctly in their correct fields. I made sure the protocol was set to FTP and the port set to 21. When I try and log in it says that my password is incorrect even though I copied it straight from the page. I am using WinSCP
  8. swordslam46

    How do I restore/backup my website?

    Can't login to FTP Why can't I login to my FTP client using the FTP account I setup? I copied everything into the correct place correctly but it keeps saying the password is incorrect. I am using WinSCP.
  9. swordslam46

    FTP Password Incorrect

    I just created an FTP account and it says my password is incorrect. I copied it straight from the FTP Created screen. Everything is working other than FTP. Is this a problem with Fris? ---------- Post added at 10:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:43 PM ---------- Can anyone help?
  10. swordslam46

    FTP Connection Problem

    I believe Fris is still migrating, I can't get on FTP either. Once the server is settled the connection should establish.
  11. swordslam46

    Hey all

    Hello everyone I am new to x10 hosting (forums). I actually had a hosting account but I found another host because I found the cPanel layout confusing (not so much now). I came to create a website but I can't do that as I got stuck in Fris, so I'm waiting for the migration to finish. The website...
  12. swordslam46

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    banned for having negative credits
  13. swordslam46

    Count to 1 Million

    2389 spammers banned
  14. swordslam46

    Attendance Sheet Re-Made (Keep This One Active)

    mattblog DeadBattery stardom techairlines mattblog lukoot icywind335 xav0989 techairlines mattblog lukoot mattblog lukoot conzone DeadBattery Mattblog DeadBattery MattBlog darzamora techairlines Mattblog DeadBattery lukoot Mattblog darzamora Mattblog lukoot DeadBattery shant93 Mattblog...
  15. swordslam46

    Infinite BW and Space?

    Thanks :) That makes sense
  16. swordslam46

    Infinite BW and Space?

    So as long as everything is put onto the website whether it be JS files, stylesheets or images it's allowed (within reason)?
  17. swordslam46

    Infinite BW and Space?

    In my cPanel I wanted to see how much space I have to work with, I see that it is infinite. Is this correct? If it is and I can upload as much as I want are there any strings attached? Like if I upload too much in 1 day my account gets deleted?