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    Review my site!

    I started to look at the site for review, but the font is just too hard on the eyes. If I were a visitor I would probably leave immediately after I tried reading. I don't feel like I should manually have to jack up the font size or highlight it to change the color in order to enjoy a site's...
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    Webcomic site, need review please

    I feel like you need an actual banner and definitely a new font. It just looks to generic. The colors look good, but like playminigames said, they're not memorable at all and the site wouldn't stick in my head as something to come back to on looks and functionality alone. I'd say do graphics...
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    PC specs for PCSX2

    Either way, it's still only a PS2 emulator and that's not going to hog nearly as many resources as modern PC games, so as long as you get something that can hold up to Crysis or even Source engine games you should be fine running PCSX2. I've got an overclocked Q6600 (OC'ed to 2.7 GHz) and an...
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    How fast is your Internet?

    This is incredibly depressing. I'm sorry. Where are you, by the way? And is this dial-up?
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    Favorite Webcomics

    I'm not sure that reading Naruto online classifies it as a webcomic. After reading this thread I did go back and read some RPGWorld and a bunch of 8-bit theater. I forgot how much I love both webcomics and comics in general. I ended up pulling out a stash of old Spider-Man comics and reading...
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    Do you know what this site is about?

    It's really easy to gather the purpose, even if it is a bit on the morbid side.
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    How fast is your Internet?

    That's in my apartment complex from Dovetail Digital. It comes with the rent, so I don't pay anything extra. I'm currently in Columbia, SC going to college. My internet at my home in Myrtle Beach is much faster, and doesn't have this odd little quirk of having quicker upload speeds than...
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    Playing around in Photoshop

    It does remind me a bit of Chernobyl, but like one of the other posters said, the glass does look a bit off. The new trees and little logos, however, look great and blend in well. If it was the mood of the game that you're trying to capture you've done quite a good job considering your past...
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    Constructive Criticism PLEASE

    I'd be a lot more likely to do so if I didn't have to register to see anything other than the homepage. Aside from adamparkzer's comments, the home pages seems overly green to me. If you'd add a little bit of other colors to it, I feel like it could look a lot better. Also, the little blurb...
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    Favorite Webcomics and RPGWorld were my favorites, but I don't read webcomics so much any more. I also enjoy the occasional Penny Arcade, but they don't seem to be as funny as they used to be.
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    Help! I'm stuck to my toilet seat!

    I did this exact prank years ago in a local Denny's. It made the local newspaper as well.
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    My Website

    Just came back to the thread and rechecked the site. I didn't notice them before, but I really like all of the little images on each individual page. It's quite a nice touch, good going. The font is also really enjoyable and easy on the eyes.
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I feel like this poll should be updated to include Windows 7. I know it's not an official release yet, but the RC has been out long enough for people to realize if they like it or not. For me, Windows XP is my choice, other than 7. Win7 is awesome. It pretty much takes the best things that...
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    IRC and Vent

    Thank you, zen-r, you're a godsend.
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    IRC and Vent

    Thank you. That's all I needed.
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    Finally featured in

    Site looks really great. I really like the fist with the lightning bolt, it fits the name well (obviously). I wish that you had some more things on the site to look at though. You should just do some more things for your portfolio.
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    Check out Pixel2Life ( for tutorials on PHP coding to do that. It's actually really easy and incredibly useful.
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    Please view mu site

    Looks really nice, but I can't read much of anything except for some links on the left. I dig the layout.
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    IRC and Vent

    I did, and like I said before there's nothing that specifically mentions the two. The paid hosting mentions not hosting IRC bots, but that's not what I asked about.
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    IRC and Vent

    Is it possible/allowed to host IRC servers or Ventrilo on the free x10 sites? I didn't see anything that specifically mentioned them in the terms, but I'd rather not have all my stuff undone.