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    Memory Caching - X10 Hosting's Policy

    Does X10 Hosting policy have anything in it about memory caching? If so, there might be a problem with the new Wordpress 2.5. I haven't tried it out yet on my x10 hosting account (because I don't use it for my site specifically) but I do want to work on a cache system for my site. Here's a...
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    MySQL server on Cossacks

    I am receiving a database error again. Where exactly are we supposed to have our configuration files pointed to on Cossacks: localhost or Or do we not have access at all?
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    Just finished revamping it... IE still has a few bugs but I will fix it soon. What do you think?
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    Cannot access site, cPanel

    I get an error: "Firefox can't find server at"... I can't access my cPanel or FTP either... I believe I was on of the ones moved onto Cossacks as well?