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    Inserting Ads In IPB 2.3.x

    Inserting Ads In Invision Power Board 2.3.x By IP-Drowner Disclaimer: I, the author of this post, is not held liable to what happens to your Invision Power Board when modifying its' content. All the responsibilites are held into the readers hands. This has been proven to work with Invision...
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    Cannot Install Boards via PHP

    Not sure if i am the only one, but i cannot install my Invision Power Board onto my server correctly. I believe this was the cause of the PHP settings, so i have acquired an upgrade to the PHP configuration 3 settings. If that is not the case, could you please explain a diagnostic? Thanks...
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    Hi All!

    Hi All. I recently joined and by the looks of things, this will be a pretty good hosting company. I am active on forums so don't expect to see much in-activity. I am a member of SRL-Forums so i am familiar with this skin.