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    This site can’t be reached

    Hi there! Are you able to login to your DA panel? Have you confirmed there are no suspensions?
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    Softaculous domain not showing in install

    Hi all, Please see attached. Server x11
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    Does anyone work here?

    Every request is validated and reviewed by hand.
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    cPanel's new pricing impact on X10

    Hello X10 team, With the implementation of cPanel's new pricing structure, what is the plan in terms of free and paid hosting accounts using cPanel? -Thanks!
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    you're connecting with a network proxy, VPN, or Tor..

    Clear cache and cookies and try again.
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    Cpanel looks strange

    Go to the top and select "reset page settings"
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    Urgent Website Suspension

    Hey there! Did you upload any bad files to your site? That error code probably suggests some files were either malicious or not allowed.
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    Site Down -0 - Using $this when not in object context

    Could be PHP modules.
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    missing the MYSQL extension required by WP

    Which extension is it?
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    "Failed to write file to disk" when uploading photos

    Check your inodes and disk usage. If all is well there, try it again once you log out completely.